For Eddie: Today I Went to See Horses


Today I went to see horses. I touched a horse through the stall bars, scratched him between the eyes, between his ears. I moved his forelock from his eyes, studied his eyelashes while he studied me. I patted his neck. Then I went to see the goats — two were on top of their houses, and they were serious, or so it seemed to me. I went back to my car, and seven ducks were beneath the car. Six geese flew across the sky. I came home to see a black and white cat that has been on the edges of my property for months, never letting me get near, but today he cried out and came toward me, surely a Tom with a big ole head and big ole feet. I put out a dish of food for him. He ate. My handyman, TJ, who was one of the window washers from three weeks ago, was here. He has been down on his luck. He is often hungry. He said, “I have a new friend.” I said, “Really.” He said, “Yeah, this chipmunk came out from around the side of your studio, and followed me all the way up the hill. I'd look at him, then he'd look at me.” I said, “TJ, I lost two friends this week. They died.” He said, “So you want me to keep out of your hair then, right?” I said, “No. I'm just sayin.” Then I showed him what I found at the dump. 1) a great metal tool box 2) a metal box that must have held some kind of glass slides, very cool looking  3) an old metal Maxwell coffee container. TJ said, “People will throw anything away."